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Top 3 Health Trends I’m Loving

June 29, 2017 Comments Off on Top 3 Health Trends I’m Loving

For me, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is something of the utmost importance!

It was during my Sophomore year at the University of Maryland College Park that I decided to become a vegetarian after completing the Lemonade Detox Diet (aka the Beyonce Diet) and finding that meat hurt my stomach too much to consume.

It’s been about 6 years since then and each year I’ve added new routines, products, foods and restrictions to my health and diet plan.

Here are the 3 latest health trends that I’m loving:


I randomly began taking this when my husband came home with it one day. He is a very fitness and nutrition oriented guy, and so decided to add this blue-green algae to his supplement routine. Overhearing a video he was watching about the benefits of Spirulina, I decided to give it a try in my smoothie the next day. I was not expecting anything immediate. I threw 2 tsp of Spirulina, along with a banana, natural peanut butter, cacao powder, and coconut milk into my NutriBullet. To be very honest, Spirulina tastes horrible. The smoothie covered majority of its taste, but a hint of the seaweed was still there (yuck!). The following day I prepared a smoothie with just strawberries, banana, coconut milk and Spirulina and to my surprise I tasted NO Spirulina.


This stuff is no joke! I was not expecting an instant boost of energy.

I was so surprised with my first encounter with Spirulina. I had an immediate burst of energy, mental clarity and alertness. I was so jazzed on algae! It was the perfect after 2PM “pick-me-up”, giving me an extremely productive afternoon.

I felt amazing and decided to  do my own research to to see why I was feeling so good. A quick search on Google will provide plenty of information about the amazing benefits of Spirulina. I was sold on day one! Between the quick energy boost and the promise that it could help with several ailments I deal with (anemia, increasing good bacteria, PMS symptoms), I put Spirulina at the top of my list of health trends I’m digging.

Intermittent Fasting-

While this eating method is trending in the fitness world as a way to lean out and lose body fat, I got into fasting from reading Prof. Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System. I wrote a post about this highlighting my weight loss and heath results from following this diet.

lemon water

On days I fast I stick to drinking lemon water and herbals teas only.

It was in this book that I found out about the healing power of fasting. I tried my first fast at the beginning of this year. Nowadays I fast once a week for about 20-24 hours. I personally do it to give my digestive system a break so that I can allow my body to focus on healing and detoxifying.

One of the benefits of course being weight loss, but more than that fasting allows my stomach to feel good, light and free of bloating and blockage.

For me, fasting also helps better my relationship with food. Food is the center of many of our lives! Many social events, outings and forms of entertainment are centered around food. Ceasing to eat, for me is like hitting the restart button for my body and mind. It allows my brain to not have a constant fixation on “what shall I eat next?”, giving room for other thoughts and conscious eating habits.

Teecino –

If you’ve watched a few of my vlogs on YouTube you know I love coffee. I am actually quite proud of the changes I’ve been able to make in my coffee addiction since moving back to the States. In Korea, coffee culture is HUGE, drinking coffee is a social norm around the clock and coffee shops are a way of life. During my last year living there, I’d drink about two Americanos daily!


Incredibly similar to coffee AND gut friendly 🙂

Piggybacking off the previous trend, after I learned about the Mucusless Dieting System, read the book, started transitioning and watched my Dad’s progress, it became very clear to me that coffee had no place in my daily life. Coffee is very acidic and I began to actually feel it once I changed my diet. My usual Americano began to upset my stomach so I decided to cut out coffee (now I drink an occasional cold brew as a treat).

One day when at a local vegetarian restaurant, I ordered a “Teecino”. It was bold and strongly favored the taste of black coffee, yet it was a blend of herbal teas. Needless to say, immediately after finishing it I went right to my Amazon app to search for a box of this god-send product. So far I’ve tried the organic French Roast tea bags, but I will definitely need to try their grinds in other flavors!

I am not a doctor nor nutritionist so always consult a professional before making any changes to your diet. Evolving and improving my diet and lifestyle is something I am extremely passionate about and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all! If you are interest in any of the products mentioned in this post, I have attached an affiliate below.

Feel free to comment any health trends you are following!